Aurora Harthsong

PC - Human Ranger 1st Level




Like many who live on the isle of shattered crowns, Aurora has lived a sheltered life. But being the daughter of the local sheriff, Robin Harthson, has exposed her to some of the rougher elements which pass though the quite community of Crown’s Haven, while her mother, Amora Harthson, a druid of the circle of the moon, thought her the savageness of nature… one time even taking Aurora on a hunt in the form of a wolf.

Over the years Aurora has hunted in and explored the wilder areas closer to town, becoming quite familiar with the tidal caves which dot the far eastern shore across from Crown’s Haven. Recently Aurora finished crafting her own longbow, seeing it as a rite of passage she was later presented with her first sword by per parents, which she is allowed to carry with her at all times.


Aurora Harthsong is the daughter of Amora Harthsong and Robin Harthsong

Aurora Harthsong

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