Rosheen Keegan

Human Paladin - PC




The Keegan siblings where born just one year apart, both born upon Crown’s Haven, blessed to live a life of calm and peace, a life their father clearly does not foresee. Both of the children have been raised in the church, raised as warriors of the faith, the siblings have been trained to use a blade for almost as long as they could walk.

Two years ago, their mother, died of a strange wasting disease after visiting Crown’s Rest with their father. The funeral was a solemn affair with every member of the village attending as well as most of Crown’s Rest, and though their father gave a moving sermon, he did not shed a tear.

When practice resumed, it resumed with a vengeance. Each session was more and more intense, within three weeks the siblings where fighting with live steel, and he even took on a new student, the Inn keeper’s daughter Kyla “Kiki” Macglin. At first sessions where purely between the students but before long he had them facing more experienced fighters, including Laim himself.

For Rosheen, she has always found it easier to lean on her abilities in combat and has started to take a liking the traditional methods of sword and shield combat finding the strategy behind their use both challenging and rewarding. A talent which her father has clearly recognized as she has found the lion’s share of combat training being focused toward her.


Rosheen is the little sister of Oisin Keegan and the daughter of Liam Keegan

Rosheen Keegan

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