The Smallest of Steps, Often leads to the greatest of adventures
– Halfling Proverb

200 years since the Godfall the island of shattered crowns has known only peace, it is a blessed place with a deep history, but that peace has been taken for granted and not all is what it seems. Before, every winter the high king would come to the island, accompanied by the lesser crowns… but nor so for the last 5 years. Regardless, those who live upon the island have kept it secure and its store houses filled in preparation of his return.

And upon this island six young children between the ages of 14-16 have been raised upon the isle of shattered crows, where they will stumble into a grand adventure, an adventure filled with self-discovery, love, and secrets.

On a Personal Note & Rights Reserved

This game is a bit personal for me, being a game designer I have raised by girls around my games and now my 8 year old is going to play her first one… run by her dad… so ya.. kind of special.

I plan to wow them with an amazing story, and may end up being one of the best games I will ever run.

Which is why I’m here, I want to record it, I want to “keep it” after its run, also I plan for this campaign to be rather complex… this page is the best place to try and keep it all straight.

This campaign takes place in a world of my own creation, The World of Santoris

We will be using the final version of the D&D Next play test packet, though I have designed two games (one winning the Origins game of the Year) I decided a simpler system would be the best choice, I like the initial simplicity of the D&D-N, though I do plan to add some of my own rules to the campaign as the game progresses (one being the Plot Die mechanic I developed for Rotted Capes) and my own version of Aspects (called taglines) from FATE.

The vast majority of the art on this webpage is not my own taken from around the net, any art with a PCI in its description is owned by Paradigm Concepts Inc. all rights reserved, while anything with PB in its description was created by me, and I reserve all rights.

The smallest of steps

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