Gareth Macglin

Human Bard - PC




Son to the owner of the only Inn on the island Kyal’s life is never dull, working the inn, dealing with customers, helping his mother cook. If it was not for his friends, his classes at the gardens of the Night and Light, and the days no ships are at port it would be all he would know.

Gareth arrived on the island with his mom 6 years ago, story has it that his mother walked right to the shipwreck rest and dropped a large sack of coins, buying the inn and renaming it Treehome…

Over the last year Garethl had started to learn some basic sword fighting from his mother, even being allowed to use live steel and practice with the Keegan siblings.


Gareth Macglin is the son of Katharine “Cat” Macglin and Flinn MacGlin (Deceased)

Gareth Macglin

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