Revy Massen

Revy is the son of a local antiquities collector of some renown,




Revy is member of a long line of acquisition specialists a profession both of his parents share. Expected to take over the family business his parents made darn sure their boy could hold his own. You see, although his father had settled to a more of a… common life… (that be the locating, selling, and trading rare objects for collectors from far off cities) they are still forced to deal to deal with unreliable honesty individuals, and at times have be forced to acquire a particular item for a collector themselves.

Over the last month there have been inquiries by a new, anonymous, customer. One who has been inquiring about the location rumored elven artifacts isle of shattered crowns, supposedly lost during the fall. His father, Jackary, has been leading the client on, taking any coin offered, being he has lived on the isle for 20 years and explored most of the isle, he has never seen any evidence of an elven settlement anyplace on the island.


Revy is the son of Jackary Massen and Jazamine Massen

Revy Massen

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