Shem Levi

Halfling Mage - PC




Shem as gown up in and rarely left the outskirts of Crown’s Haven, raised at first to carry on the family tradition and business, her destiny quickly changed the day she, in a fit of anger, set a boy’s hair aflame with a bolt of fire. As it turns out Shem possesses a rare gift among her kind, the inherit ability to manipulate arcane magic.

Soon after the boy was healed, she was taken by Liam Keegan (the local priest who had administered the healing) and her parents to see an odd looking Halfling who has taken up residence on the island just a few weeks before. When presented to Flizdawiple the cat-eyed wizard looked Shem up and down and asked her one simple question.

I can teach you, I can help you, but to master the arcane you must first master yourself… if I take you as my apprentice you will be required to do as I ask. I will not put you in danger or ask you to do anything that would betray your family, but I will ask much of you. Do you wish to be my apprentice?

The life of an apprentice was not what she expected, between lessons she was tasked with cataloging books, organize the lab, clean the floors, preparing rituals, plant spices, and even feeding the cats, among them Flizdawiple’s familiar a white female cat named Tessal who not only nagged at her for the smallest mistakes but constantly drilled her on magical theory as she went along chores.

As our story begins, it has been almost three years to the day… third year anniversaries are supposed to be auspicious… with her luck… she may get out of cleaning the floors!


Shem is the daughter of Ruban and Dena Levi

Shem Levi

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